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Welcome to the new home of 8BitVape. We are currently moving to our new site due to harsh restrictions imposed upon us by the TPD. Please feel free to look around. We do still have some E-Liquid for sale under our new Game Over range, but supplies are limited. We are releasing stock in waves to attempt to keep juice in stock for as long as possible for our regular customers. For now we are only releasing 10ml bottles in various strengths but we have stock of larger bottles that we will release in the future. As always our juice contains only the highest quality ingredients available.

We have released our entire database of mixes from our old site for DIY mixers to make themselves along with guides and tools to help you beat the TPD and save yourself money. 8BitVape is now dedicated to providing knowledge so that vapers can continue to source high quality and low cost E-Liquid after the final TPD deadline passes so that everyone can stay safe and away from smoke.

Our online community remains untouched on IRC, Steam, Discord, Mumble and everywhere else. We need your help to provide everyone with the best quality content available so get involved now and help your fellow vapers.

Some parts of the new site may be a little rough whilst we complete our transition so please email me if you find any bugs or errors and I'll do my best to get them fixed as soon as possible. Expect big changes in the coming weeks as we get everything finished, we are currently working around the clock.

Unfortunately due to restrictions we are no longer able to offer coupon codes or our reward point system so those have sadly been removed. However, all orders now include UK delivery. We are no longer able to ship internationally unless we have registered in each individual country. More information will be released about this as we know more. We are currently only accepting Paypal payments via the site but join IRC if you'd like to pay in a different way and we'll do our best to help you out.

We would like to thank everyone for their patience. If you require help please contact us.

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