Cherry Cola by Riot Salts – Nic Salt

Discover Riot Salts Cherry Cola—a delightful fusion of effervescence and fruity goodness. Crafted from natural tobacco leaves, our Nic Salts offer a gentler vaping journey compared to traditional ‘free base’ nicotine. Enjoy rapid nicotine satisfaction and a smoother experience, all with a balanced 50/50 VG/PG ratio. Elevate your vaping with this unique blend from Riot Squad.


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Experience the timeless blend of Riot Salts Cherry Cola, where effervescence meets fruity delight!

Our Nic Salts are derived directly from natural tobacco leaves, a departure from the conventional ‘free base’ artificial nicotine. In this Riot Squad range, we’ve crafted a hybrid composition, harmonizing 50% freebase nicotine with 50% salt nicotine.

Bid farewell to the potential throat harshness of freebase nicotine—our Nic Salts present a gentler alternative, ensuring a more comfortable vaping journey. Quick absorption into the body means rapid nicotine satiation compared to standard e-liquids, effectively satisfying your cravings.

Furthermore, Nic Salts eliminate the unpleasant throat aftertaste, maintaining their velvety smoothness even when heated by your vaping device.

With a meticulously balanced 50/50 VG/PG ratio, this product promises an elevated vaping experience.

Package Content :

1 x Cherry Cola by Riot Salts Nic Salt

Product Specification



Riot Sals

Country of Origin

United Kingdom

Liquid Type

Nicotine Salt

Bottle Size


Flavour Profile

Fizzy, Fruity


Cherry Cola

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